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How to Reclaim Your Vehicle

Everything You Need to Know When Your Vehicle Is Impounded.

Vehicles are impounded in a number of different ways in Québec. It is important to know who arrested you and how your vehicle was impounded. Once you have this information, you can use this page to guide you in recovering your vehicle.

We are merely guards and/or agents of the impound lot. We have no authority to make decisions regarding your vehicle impoundment. Please inquire with the service that seized your vehicle for assistance. For 30-day impoundments, only a judge or the passing of time can help you.

  1. Start by finding the service that seized your vehicle, to the right.
  2. Then, identify the type impoundment that was carried out: regular storage, 30 day storage SAAQ (under the control of the SAAQ)
  3. 3-You can communicate directly with us for more information at 450-676-0505