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Exclusive Towing

What Is Exclusive Towing?

Any vehicle stopped within a designated road network must be towed by one of the companies contracted by the MTQ. This improves service quality and efficiency. Over 40,000 drivers use the exclusive towing service each year.

Towing in Greater Detail

The exclusive towing system in the Greater Montréal Area exists first and foremost to ensure your safety and that of everyone else on the road. Established by the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), the service also serves to improve the flow of traffic and plays a crucial role in managing highway traffic throughout Greater Montréal.

Exclusive Towing in a Nutshell

  1. You must use the services of the towing company retained on exclusive contract by the MTQ.
  2. The basic towing fee includes the towing of your vehicle within a 10-km radius at no additional cost. Beyond this distance, an additional fee will apply (please see the fee schedule).
  3. Accepted payment methods (see description at the bottom of this page)

Rights and Obligation of the Road User

On a road network covered by an exclusive towing service, you must call upon the services of the towing company which holds the exclusive contractual rights to do so.

You are not obligated to call upon the services of a recommended garage recommended by the operator of the roadside assistance vehicle. It’s you who decides where your car will be towed. However, it is possible a longer time period may be necessary to conduct long distance towing, in order to assure the availability of the roadside assistance vehicles in case of other accidents. You will then be dropped off at no extra charge at the company’s operating base while you wait for a roadside assistance vehicle.

The base rate entails the towing of your vehicle in a 10 km radius. It allows you to also have it towed at the towing company’s operation base and to have access at a free parking for up to six hours. If you choose to do so, you can call upon the services of a towing company of your choice.

Rights and Obligations of the Towing Company

The company is committed to offering you a quick, secure, courteous and quality service, according to the standards established by the MTQ.

It is equally committed to give you a bill as per the demands of the MTQ and that respects the rate scale available on this page. (Displayed rates are for information and subject to change without notice)

How Did We Find You?

When an accident occurs on one of the roads serviced by exclusive towing, it is reported to the centre of traffic management at the MTQ in one of the following ways:

  • From one of the many surveillance cameras found along the highway network
  • From a MTQ road monitor
  • From a road user
  • From Sûreté du Québec agent

Immediately, the staff at the MTQ sends for a roadside assistance vehicle to the location to protect you and to assist you.

To Report an Accident

You’ve witnessed an accident or you’re having car troubles on the network covered by the exclusive towing service? You can report a situation that requires the help of a roadside assistance vehicle by calling the toll-free emergency hotline which is at your disposal. At all times, you can dial 310-4141 or *4141 if you own a cell phone.

Methods of Payment

You can pay the driver of the roadside assistance vehicle with your credit card or with all other accepted methods of payment by the company. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your receipt.

You’re a member of an auto club, you have private roadside assistance insurance which you got when you bought your car? Note that it is possible to get reimbursed in full or in part, according to the general policy of your association or our insurer. Indeed, the billing world and rates for exclusive towing are well known from these associations and companies.

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