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Charette Service d’Auto Inc., Comprehensive Services

Charette Service d’Auto Inc. takes care of cars, motorcycles, trucks (light, medium and heavy-duty), heavy vehicles and off-road vehicles. We offer assistance for flat tires, jumpstarts, breakdowns and accidents. Our services include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Exclusive towing
  • Door unlocking
  • Specialized transport
  • Handling equipment and services
  • Vehicle storage
  • Support to public services
  • Storage (indoor and outdoor)
  • Mechanical expertise/expert witness
  • Used equipment sales
  • Knowledge of local area
  • Premises under surveillance 24/7

Ready for All Eventualities

Charette Service d’Auto Inc. is well equipped when it comes to flatbed trucks, heavy trucks and specialized towing vehicles.

The company efficiently intervenes in all types of delicate situations, whether it’s a rolled over truck stuck on the road or in the ditch.


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